Weight and Body Image

Have you lost weight, only to gain it right back? Do you eat when you’re not hungry?
Have people said negative things to you that still sting when you think of them?
Do you feel like you sabotage your own progress? Do you despair of ever changing?
I understand! For over 40 years I was not at peace with my body.

If any of these are true, you have probably dealt with losing weight from the outside in - changing your actions (eating and exercising). It is GREAT to change your actions! But to attain, and naturally maintain a healthy weight, we have to change our internal beliefs and energy blocks.

For instance, if you subconsciously believe that it is not SAFE to be slim and attractive, your super powerful subconscious will make sure that you are safe, which is more important to it, than feeling attractive.

According to new scientific studies, EFT is of great value in helping people attain and maintain their goal weight. That’s because it doesn’t rely on diets or restrictions, but takes aim at the emotional issues that underlie food cravings and overeating. Once the emotional blocks to a healthy weight and eating habits are discovered and removed with EFT, weight shifts naturally.

Which one of these could be affecting you?  Past Failures, Emotional Eating, Limiting Beliefs, Sabotage Behavior, Body Image, Negative Memories, Ancestral Patterns

By changing our energy, we can change the patterns in our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind will do everything possible to fulfill our own self-image, and our reality will always match our self-image. If we change our self image, we can change our external form.  It IS possible to change.

Dr. Bradley Nelson says there are 5 main energetic roadblocks to a healthy weight:
1. Emotional sabotage 2. Toxicity 3. Addictive Heart Energy 4. Diet 5. Heart Wall


Email me for a free 20 minute Goal Assessment phone call, if you want to work on weight. We will test to discover your #1 area to work on, and see how aligned your subconscious and energy system are in agreement with your goal.

"Robin and I tapped in regards to my lack of interest in exercising. As we tapped the one comment Robin kept saying is, 'I deserve to take care of myself.' At first I didn't believe her but by the end of the session I was convinced that I needed to exercise for myself. In the past I have felt the only reason I exercise is because my husband wants me to or the doctor told me I needed to. It feels great to know that I deserve to exercise because I love myself." ~ Ann S., ID

"Yesterday, I was feeling very dejected because I had not lost very much weight in 2 weeks and I felt like I had a block to taking weight off. I was feeling completely self-conscious about going to out on my date as I was embarrassed about how big I was. We tapped on all those issues.  At the end, I felt like 5 pounds in two weeks was a good amount of weight to take off. I felt like the work we did on my belief that I had a block to losing weight, was very effective and  I don't feel like I have a block anymore.  Finally, I ended up feeling pretty good about myself when I went on that date last night and I know I would not have felt that way if we had not had that great session." ~ T.M. San Francisco

Robin is a Certified EFT for Weight Loss Coach with EFT Universe

"Just wanted to let you know that since our tapping session, I've dropped 5 pounds! Astonishing! Without cravings, without effort. I think I told you, I am retiring June 29th. My "milestone" birthday was at the beginning of the month. So, friends and relatives have been giving me gifts, some of them gourmet chocolates. They are still sitting in the refrigerator. Prior to the tapping, I can tell you they would have been gone in a nanosecond. I think I've had sweets on two occasions since the tapping, but I ate very small servings and that satisfied me. Those events didn't have the triggering effect of wanting to have more (and more...)" ~ Nan, Windsor, CT