Energy Sessions, Scheduling & Payment 

I'm happy to offer a 20 minute consultation, at no charge. Schedule a 20 minute chat down below on the online scheduler.

Sessions can be done by telephone, Skype or Zoom
or in-person in my Portland office, NE 33rd and Sandy Blvd. Tuesdays and Fridays

Energy Session 

Online or in-person sessions for Emotion Code/Body Code and/or EFT.
You can start with a single session and upgrade to a package afterward if you wish.
In person - 75 minutes $120. Online - 60 minutes $100.

3 Energy Sessions 

Three session package
To be used within a 2-month period
In person - $300 - save $60. Online - $270 - save $30.

3.5 Hour Breakthrough Session

Each person is unique, and your session will be designed specifically for you, but typically involves checking basic energy alignments and getting back into sync with optimal energy patterns, then using a combination of an EFT session, followed by an Emotion Code/Body Code session. We will end up with a relaxed guided visualization to deeply implant these new changes, and this can be recorded so that you can repeat until actualized. There will be a short break in the middle.

Heart Wall Special

It differs for every individual how many sessions a heart wall will take to clear.  In my experience, the norm is 3 to 5 sessions. I feel that this process is so transformative (it was for me!) that I would love to be able to make it easily available to more people. We will do three (or up to five) sessions for the purpose of clearing your heart wall. If your heart wall clears in less than 3 sessions, you still get 3 sessions, and we can work on other issues such as health, abundance, or relationships. If the Heart Wall does not clear in five sessions, it will most certainly be a lot smaller! This price includes up to 3 sessions in person if you live near Portland, with the rest, if needed, by phone, Skype or Zoom.


Baby, Child or Pet Session 

Clearing hidden trauma that affects behavior
Email me the details and I will help them remotely, no need to schedule below

Goal Alignment Session

What are you trying to create? We will come up with a specific, well-written goal and through muscle testing find out what percentage your subconscious and energy system are aligned or in-tune with achieving that. We will also determine which subconscious beliefs may be holding you back, and which is the #1 priority to clear to help you move forward.
$47.00 (Click on the title Goal Alignment Session to schedule this). 30 minute session

Sliding Scale

I want this all-important work to be available to all!
I offer a sliding scale for those who need it. Please contact me. I feel strongly about making this important work acessible to all. Also if you sign up for my monthly newsletter there are specials sometime.

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If there aren’t times available soon, you are welcome to email me at to be put on a waiting list. Let me know what you would like to do - 20 minute chat or Session - and what time zone, and best time of day for you. Thank you.

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When you spend money, you lose something.
When you invest in yourself, you gain something you will live with for the rest of your life.