Energy Sessions, Scheduling & Payment 

I'm happy to offer a 20 minute consultation, at no charge. Schedule a 20 minute chat down below on the online scheduler.

Sessions can be done by telephone, Skype or Zoom
or in-person in my Portland office, NE 33rd and Sandy Blvd. Tuesdays and Fridays

EFT & Energy Session 

Phone or in-person session for EFT and/or Body Code. No experience necessary and for EFT sessions you will learn the basic tool of meridian tapping and be able to tap on your own issues by yourself. You can start with a single session and upgrade to a packge afterward if you wish.
60 - 90 minutes - $120

3 EFT & Energy Sessions 

Three 60-minute sessions
To be used within a 2 month period
$300 - save $60

5 EFT & Energy Session Package

For deep transformation with ongoing issues
To be used within a 3 month period
$450 - save $150

3 Session 'EARTH' Package


Three sessions, two weeks apart, for anyone dealing with a physical ailment, pain, weight loss, or recurring emotional unhappiness. A two-week action plan is given after each session. $297 (save $63)
Physical Body - Clear any energies misdirecting your body, and connect and align your energy systems.
Emotional Body - Clear old trapped emotional energy still residing in your multibody system and attracting to you more of that low energy.
Mental Body - Discover and clear old incorrect patterns, usually from parents or other early life experiences, such as “I’m not good enough,” or “It’s not safe to achieve this goal.”

3 Session 'HEAVEN' Package


Three sessions, two weeks apart, for anyone dealing with feeling stuck, uncertain about life, feeling listless or hopeless. A two-week action plan is given after each session. $297 (save $63)
Abundance Mindset - Releasing old limiting programming that stands in the way of abundance in all its forms - wealth, health, satisfying relationships and fun.
Connecting to Your Spirit - Clear any obstacles preventing you from a clear connection to your own highest wisdom, truth and inspiration.
Creating Your Vision, Path and Plan - What would make your heart sing, your soul delighted? It’s possible for you to create a new program and vibration, especially after clearing out all the old programming.


Seven sessions, two weeks apart, for anyone ready to make a breakthrough and raise your vibration in all areas of your life. A two-week action plan is given after each session. $597 (save $243 or two free sessions)
Implementing Heaven on Earth - After the Earth and Heaven sessions. Bonus session to anchor the spirit and vision into your real, present, daily life, and clear any remaining obstacles. Includes a written and audio Vision Statement.


Baby, Child or Pet Session 

Clearing hidden trauma that affects behavior
Email me the details and I will help them remotely, no need to schedule below

Goal Assessment Session

You will email me your goal, and through muscle testing, we will test what percentage your subconscious and energy system are aligned or in-tune with achieving that goal. We will also muscle test to find out which subconscious beliefs may be holding you back, and which is the #1 priority to clear to help you move forward. Then we will either clear it, or do all we can in the 20 minutes. I can't guarantee it will clear in a short 20 minute session, but even knowing what block it is can be very helpful as you can then work on it yourself.
$47.00 (Click on the $47 to purchase and schedule this). Goal Alignment Assessment 20 minute session

Sliding Scale

I want this all-important work to be available to all!
I offer a sliding scale for those who need it. Please contact me. I feel strongly about making this important work acessible to all. Also if you sign up for my monthly newsletter there are specials sometime.

 If you are a part of the research study, you can have six 30 minute sessions by Skype or Zoom, $300.

If you are a part of the research study, you can have six 30 minute sessions by Skype or Zoom, $300.

Research Opportunity
EFT has had hundreds of scientific tests, EMDR has had thousands, Accupuncture has been tested as well. Currently there are NO clinical trials of Emotion Code and Body Code. I am thrilled to help support the accpetance of this powerful tool into mainstream acceptance, and am offering my lowest prices ever for anyone willing to participate.  The requirements of the clinical study state:
-you must have never had an Emotion Code session before
-you must agree to fill out a 20-30 minute form before your first session and after your last, which is confidential, and I will not see it, rating stress levels etc.
-you must agree to have 6 sessions within a two month time period
-no other modalities, including Body Code or EFT, can be used, only Emotion Code
Six 30 minute sessions by Skype or Zoom, $300.     

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When you spend money, you lose something.
When you invest in yourself, you gain something you will live with for the rest of your life.