Abundance & Career

What we believe, and what we feel, positively and absolutely affect what we manifest in our real lives. Old limiting beliefs are most often solidly buried beneath the surface in our subconscious, but will pop up in feelings that make us not want to put ourselves forward, or procrastinate about taking the next step. If we do not feel worthy or deserving of success, even if we work really hard, we will be keeping it away from ourselves.  As we change our subconscious beliefs and our energy system, the next steps come easily, and the flow of abundance comes naturally,


Abundance Package $350


Four one-hour sessions within a 6-week time frame. At the beginning, we will do a 'before' energetic evaluation, in which we will muscle test a number of beliefs such as:
"It is safe to be successful." 
"It is possible to create abundance using my creative gifts and talents."
"I can have love and money."
"It is okay to be visible."

Through muscle testing we will determine what percentage you are pulling towards abundance, and what percentage you are pulling towards lack. We will proceed to clear anything in the way; it could be trapped inferiority, sadness, or an unhappy chakra. After the four sessions, we will test those percentages again. As the weeks progress, usually things just seem to start happening - speaking engagements, promotions, and new doors opening.

Business Building $111/month

Two-hour monthly session, including internal and external processes. We will work on the inside beliefs, thoughts, emotions and vibrations that are holding you back, often from childhood. This also allows us time to develop, align, prioritize your external offerings and goals. Anything you are working on, you can bring to the table, such as website, classes, vision, obstacles. This is a recurring monthly fee, but is a private one-on-one session with a 3-month minimum commitment.

Change from the Inside

"Thank you so much for all of your insight and energy. Ever since the sessions we did on abundance (with the Body Code), I feel much lighter and things are falling into place with so little effort. Where before, I tried to think positive, now I feel positive without even trying. Thank you!" ~ Lois K.

"I've had some interesting thoughts pop up, i.e., 'I always have enough money for everything I need'. It might not sound much, but to me that is huge!!!" ~  E. D., UK



Change on the Outside

"When I came to see you, I was in despair over my job situation. Now, I'm in line for a promotion and likely a raise as well. I feel as though none of this would've been possible without clearing the things we talked about. I'm very appreciative and have felt much more positive on a consistent basis and have been using the things we discussed. So, thank you for helping kickstart this change!" ~  M.M.

"Significant improvements in several areas of my life -  and for what it's worth, landed two huge client projects the day after the money tapping exercise :) I can't thank you enough for your teachings and insight....this is truly incredible stuff that everyone should know and practice." ~  Clinton W.

33 Days of Energy Tools for Abundance

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Some comments I’ve been getting:
It's definitely working Robin - I just got a new client out of the blue! xxx
- There is much more stability now and I have even got surprising money back from remortgage etc and am most definitely feeling about 20% more abundant than I did.
- Firstly I'd like to thank you so far for the wonderful daily energy tools for abundance course. It's very rich, fascinating and a delight to read. Another thing that's happening is that I'm getting repeat clients plus recommendations. It's only just starting but it makes me think I'm maybe on the right track. I'm also getting testimonials without asking for them.
- I just thought I'd update you - since I've done the money exercises with you I've secured a very small income stream which should be regular and ongoing. It should start next week. Also, tonight, I had my first paying client for xxx. I usually do volunteer work in this, but my client absolutely insisted she pay me for my efforts - so, a pleasant surprise and I happily accepted.