Scientific Evidence of the Efficacy of Energy Psychology

As of 2017, there have been 82 energy psychology studies published
• 43 were randomized control trials
• 98% show methods effective


4 meta-analysis support efficacy
This is significant because a meta-analysis is a statistical analysis that combines the results of multiple scientific studies. A key benefit of this approach is the aggregation of information leading to a higher statistical power, and more robust point estimate, than is possible from the measure derived from any individual study

“I brought some issues to Robin around blockages in my career progress and we’ve had 5 sessions, of which 4 were spent on the issues I’d brought. After 4 sessions at weekly intervals, so much had changed (for the better!) that we found ourselves working on other matters. In between sessions, I found myself feeling lighter, happier. Life is not the struggle that it was. There’s not the resistance there was. I’m having more fun. I’m getting more done so I’m feeling more satisfied. I’m feeling less stressed because I’m getting more done. And this (Emotion Code) doesn’t even feel like work. Oddly, it feels like I didn’t even do anything and yet, these wonderful results have occurred.

It’s gentle, effective and apparently permanent, because I’m not noticing any reversion to old beliefs or behaviors—and not because I’m fighting them, but just because they’re simply not interesting anymore. This is true freedom.

I have more of myself now than I did before. It’s hard to point specifically to what has changed  but the result is a global positive effect in my life, as if goodness was sprayed into the air I breathe every day. Stuff that seemed impossible before is now simply working.” - Jamie M.


“When I first started out, I felt like there was something inside that was blocking me from sharing and connecting with others. I have tried doing a lot of work on myself to help with what was going on inside of me, but I knew I needed something more to help me move forward. On our very first session that’s when you discovered I had a heart wall! Ever since you did the heart wall clearing, I haven’t felt this wonderful in such a long time! Now I feel so free and more connected with myself. I do the techniques you taught me and I notice everyday how confident and clearer I am than ever.” J.S.

"Robin was a gift to our family – she helped my teenage daughter move beyond a traumatic experience that was causing debilitated anxiety.  After the first round of EFT, the difference was marked. She was happy again, and at ease with herself. EFT is amazing!"  ~ Lauren Stone, CT

"I'm new to tapping and found Robin to be very informative and a wonderful teacher. I've been struggling with anxiety for the past 2 years and read lots of the books and do the breathing techniques, etc - not interested in meds, but felt like I needed something more. Occasionally I wake up with a jittery feeling, and when it recently happened, I tried one of the techniques Robin taught me, and amazingly I felt better. Robins class was a great experience for me." ~  Patti, CT

"The calming exercises I've been taught are so simple yet so effective! One day in class, I started panicking for no reason at all and right in the middle of class, without anyone suspecting a thing, I started doing my calming exercises. Immediately, I felt so much better while still listening to the lecture! I've even used these on the airplane because I have a lot of anxiety when it comes to riding on airplanes. These small steps to alleviating my anxiety have made so much of a difference and I love that I can use them anywhere!"  ~  Morgan P., ID

"Next weekend is my niece's wedding and I am feeling more at ease, less judgmental, and more open, with no expectations in relationship to my brother-in-law and our 'history', which now doesn't hold the weight and darkness that it has for 12 years. I can't tell you how great it feels! EFT is phenomenal."
~ Barb W. NH

"I feel like I have continued to become clearer and something like confident (I don't know if that's the right term?) in the days since Friday's session. I actually got out of bed dancing this morning... something has definitely shifted. I can't wait to continue this work with you!"  ~  Sue A.


"My grandson is 16 months old and he's never in his life slept throughout the night. He kept waking up crying for no apparent reason, often staying up for 3-4 hours before he tired and fell asleep again in his mummy's arms. After one session with Robin, wow! he slept the last two nights much better! Just woke up couple of times for his milk and then fell asleep straight away! I am so grateful, I have no words for it."  ~ D.A. Derbyshire UK

“I’m still amazed at how much better my health is. I went to an exercise class Sunday, it was more intense than I thought and I pushed myself. In the past, if I was that physical I would have suffered for days after! It's just miraculous really. Words can't express how grateful I am to you Robin for your help, I feel so blessed to have found you. Your warmth and understanding are heaven-like. You truly have a special gift.”   ~ Sarah Alvarez, Surrey. UK

"I am so amazed. I can honestly say the pain is totally gone! I still can't believe it...all I did was exactly what you told me to do. There is absolutely no pain this morning! Thank you." ~  P.O. Wilton CT

"Hi Robin, just wanted to share that I feel SO MUCH BETTER today.  Even yesterday after my nap I woke up with very little to no dizziness. Today I've not felt dizziness at all."  ~  L.J. Ridgefield CT

"Robin and I tapped on the pain in my knee. I’d had it since I was a teenager and almost fell when leaving our camper but I caught myself.  I’ve had pain in my knee ever since then, over 30 years. After less than 10 minutes of tapping, it was totally gone - we were both amazed! I had never been without it, so it felt funny to have no pain. But it’s been months now, and it is still gone." ~  Deborah P.  MA

"I keep marveling about having cleared the trapped emotion of confusion in my sternum. Some time ago, I noticed the "pain" I experienced when I took a deep breath. I have tapped on it at different points, but I thought it was a lung issue and was tapping on that. Not sure I would have figured this out without the Body Code. I also want to mention that for the first time in my adult life, I can now stretch and hold onto my toes (yoga). So cool!!! Also want to add, that when I went running this morning it was so different than usual. Running was hard because I felt like I didn't have enough air and it hurt to breathe deeply. That sensation was completely gone now, it was so exciting to run with ease!" ~  L.K. New Milford CT

"One of the physical issues I came to Robin with was a chronic discomfort and dull pain in my right hip and right glut muscle. I have always believed this was the result of my scoliosis (curvature of the spine) and a misalignment in my pelvis.  I am extremely active as a runner and fitness nut, and I also work long hours on my feet, so this pain has been a major hinderance for me that I have just been forced to live with.  Over the years, I have tried treating it with massage therapy, chiropractics, lots of stretching and foam rolling.  Often these are just quick fixes that last a day or two, and the aches return.  I am very surprised to say that after only two Emotion Code/Body Code sessions with Robin, I started to feel a noticeable improvement on my right side.  The pain has decreased tremendously.  I don't feel it nearly as much while I'm exercising or rushing around at work.  When I first met Robin, she asked me to rate the pain on a scale of 1-10 (10 being highest), and I was somewhere around an 8-9. .  Over the last few weeks, I am consistently hovering around a 2 or 3.  I haven't felt this kind of relief in years!  Aside from working with Robin, I have not being doing anything else to treat the pain over the past month, and so I attribute the release of the pain to her very successful healing sessions!"    ~Jessica R.  Brooklyn, NY

Job & Money

"When I came to see you, I was in despair over my job situation. Now, I'm in line for a promotion and likely a raise as well. I feel as though none of this would've been possible without clearing the things we talked about. I'm very appreciative and have felt much more positive on a consistent basis and have been using the things we discussed. So, thank you for helping kickstart this change!" ~  M.M.

"Significant improvements in several areas of my life -  and for what it's worth, landed two huge client projects the day after the money tapping exercise :) I can't thank you enough for your teachings and insight....this is truly incredible stuff that everyone should know and practice." ~  Clinton W.

"I've had some interesting thoughts pop up, i.e., 'I always have enough money for everything I need'. It might not sound much but to me that is huge!!!" ~  E. D., UK

"When I sat down with Robin I was feeling low-level stress that just seemed to always be there. I felt it as a slight tightness in my chest. I was always worried about my business and struggled with “not being good enough.” I was aware of tapping but had never practiced it before this session. After an hour, the tightness had vanished and I felt as if I dropped 10 pounds. I just felt lighter." ~  Bill D., Financial Consultant

"Thank you so much for all of your insight and energy. Ever since the sessions we did on abundance (with the Body Code), I feel much lighter and things are falling into place with so little effort. Where before, I tried to think positive, now I feel positive without even trying. Thank you!" ~ Lois K.

Food & Weight

"Attending Robin's teleclass catapulted me to a new level of loving and taking care of my body.  Using tapping and affirmations on an index card helped me to quickly take on a new mindset which gave me the space I needed to make better decisions about my eating. I can happily say I've lost the 5 pounds I wanted to take off since starting her class." ~ Lisa from the Jersey Shore

"The anchoring a positive experience into our bodies this week was AMAZING!! I have used it repeatedly over the week with wonderful success. Now instead of reaching for the refrigerator handle, or the pantry door, I key into all those feel good hormones and memories and turn away from the fridge, happy and satisfied. Thank you so much for this wonderful tool in my toolbox of healthy living. You're the best! " ~ RMT - Reading PA

"I have enjoyed working on my food issues with Robin. She is very compassionate and down to earth. Before we began working together I was plagued with many different hidden negative habits and she not only helped me discover many of them, she walked me through the process to release the negative energy pattern and identify new ways of managing those old bad habits. I was overeating when I went out to dinner and she helped me identify that I was socially anxious so eating food helped me hide my anxiety and avoid a lot of interaction. Now I am able to notice that is happening and use other methods to help myself find peace in those situations."  ~ C. D, Germany

"Robin and I tapped in regards to my lack of interest in exercising. As we tapped the one comment Robin kept saying is, 'I deserve to take care of myself.' At first I didn't believe her but by the end of the session I was convinced that I needed to exercise for myself. In the past I have felt the only reason I exercise is because my husband wants me to or the doctor told me I needed to. It feels great to know that I deserve to exercise because I love myself." ~ Ann S., ID

"Yesterday, I was feeling very dejected because I had not lost very much weight in 2 weeks and I felt like I had a block to taking weight off. I was feeling completely self-conscious about going to out on my date as I was embarrassed about how big I was. We tapped on all those issues.  At the end, I felt like 5 pounds in two weeks was a good amount of weight to take off. I felt like the work we did on my belief that I had a block to losing weight, was very effective and  I don't feel like I have a block anymore.  Finally, I ended up feeling pretty good about myself when I went on that date last night and I know I would not have felt that way if we had not had that great session." ~ T.M. San Francisco

"Just wanted to let you know that since our tapping session,I've dropped 5 pounds! Astonishing! Without cravings, without effort. I think I told you, I am retiring June 29th. My "milestone" birthday was at the beginning of the month. So, friends and relatives have been giving me gifts, some of them gourmet chocolates. They are still sitting in the refrigerator. Prior to the tapping, I can tell you they would have been gone in a nanosecond. I think I've had sweets on two occasions since the tapping, but I ate very small servings and that satisfied me. Those events didn't have the triggering effect of wanting to have more (and more...)" ~ Nan, Windsor, CT


"Just spent two hours sorting through the massively messy corner of the living room. It was SO EASY to do - after procrastinating clearing that corner for about a year! It seemed that I have lost the sticky attachment to the yarns and potential art projects, and it was EASY to release everything else!" ~ A.A. Australia

"Thank you for the incredible session we had yesterday. Your guided imagery which enabled me to visualize walking along my Life Path was so powerful, and I know it will only get better as I continue to revisit these images. I realized last night and into today how much noticeably better I feel.  My mind and heart both feel so much freer now. And I had the best night’s sleep I have had in ages last night!" ~  C.F.

"Many thanks for the great sessions of EFT and energy work we have had together. The work was quite catalytic in opening up my life for greater freedom from a very challenging situation. One can never say for sure what exactly causes events to occur, but the overall effect was a shift in my life  that can only be described as miraculous. So thank you for your help and cheerful guidance !  While I enjoyed our in person visits, I found that our Skype sessions were as potent and deep as at your house, only I was in the comfort of my own home with the wood stove going !   Very best wishes" ~ Steve W.