Pets have trapped emotions, just like people. Sometimes something that happened long ago is still affecting them today, and this plays out in their attitudes, behavior, and physical health.  Pets are usually quite responsive to energy clearing.

Pet sessions are $50, and you don’t need to schedule a time as I will just do it for them, once I have your permission. I will send you a form asking for the details of the issue and any known traumas they have gone through and the ages. It is fine if you do not know much about their past.

I love working with animals! One dog just got out of surgery that very day, and the vet didn't know if he would walk, or have a limp, and the next morning he was standing right by mom's bed, ready to hop in the car and go out with her, and has no limp; the vet was amazed.

"My affectionate 9 month old cat Antonio was getting increasingly unhappy because I started a new job. Each day he got more remote towards me when I came home, and on the sixth day he went rigid when I tried to stroke him, and he refused to engage with me at all. Robin did an Emotion Code session for him, and cleared Antonio's insecurity. Before she finished the session Antonio had relaxed and rolled on his side, then laid his head on my hand. The next day when I came home he rushed towards me, leapt into my arms, dotted his nose all over my face while purring loudly, then snuggled into my lap. This was truly a miraculous and beautiful result from Robin's clearing session!"
April from Australia


In honor of my most wonderful cat who passed, Lucky, I offer clearings for rescue or foster pets pro bono.

Please email me their details to be put on the waiting list.